Hello and welcome to the new Lutro0 Customs!

If you have looked or done any sleeving before the LC name should be a familiar one to you. I have spent the last 10 years making video guides and inventing quality sleeving supplies so that people who want to sleeve their computers would be able to do so the easiest way possible.

I have since sold the retail supply side of Lutro0 Customs to Mainframe Customs and all of the quality LC products that you have come to love will be offered on their site. With so many changes in my life I have decided that I want to focus on getting back to the custom side of my work and get back to offering customs sleeved goods, custom modded goods, custom stickers, and get back to helping people on the forum and videos. This will allow me to be personal again with my customers and offer the great amount of customer server they have come to expect.

This store will contain a way to purchase custom sleeved extensions and OEM cables and other custom modded items. I will also be offering hard to find items that make modding easier, but mainly it will be for people to get their hands on that customs sleeved quality that people have come to expect from Lutro0.

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