Welcome to the new Lutro0 Customs!

  The Lutro0 Customs name should be a familiar one to you if you have ever thought about sleeving your own cables. I have spent the last 10 years making video guides and inventing quality sleeving supplies so that people who want to sleeve their computers would be able to do so the easiest way possible.

  Last time you heard from me, I told you that I was taking a break and the bulk of the retail business had been sold to Mainframe Customs. This included the Tellious line of sleeving and all of the custom tools and combs that I created. This was a tough decision for me to make but my family and health needed my full attention.   

 After a needed break and time to develop even better products, Lutro0 Customs will be back with New Guides, Better Sleeving, New Tools, and Custom Sleeving at prices and quality that put the others to shame!

For right now, we have paracord & PET Extensions and Custom OEM cable sleeving services available to order!


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