Custom Extension Sleeving Jobs

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This section will contain information about our custom extension sleeving jobs. To order a set of custom sleeved cables please read the description of the product and order the cables you want.

 Each extension is hand made with my own custom wire, terminals, sleeve, and knowledge to make a trained cable that will rainbow beautifully in your system like only a Lutro0 Customs Extension can. A lot of time goes into each extension and they are made with the utmost quality so you are guaranteed perfection. Those that have followed me for a while know my promise is that I will never make you anything that I would not use in one of my own mods - ifs its not to my standards it gets redone.

  I take that promise so far as to give these cables a lifetime warranty I am the only one that I know of that is confident in their work to offer this guarantee. - if by some chance you break them all you need to do is pay shipping both ways and I will fix them for free. I will also offer upgrade kits for repeat customers who need extra cables because of upgrading at a discount.

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