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About Us

Lutro0 Customs started out as just a hobby for me. I started getting into sleeving when I was working on the Katharos Mod. I noticed that no-one was sharing their techniques or helping anyone else with sleeving and it was still so much a for profit hobby. Where only the best modders knew who to do it and they kept it to themselves.

I then started buying up all different types of sleeving and tools and started making my own methods to acheive that coveted perfect result using heatshrink. Once I figured that out using the first versions of the LC Sleeving Tool - I started making video guides on how to sleeve and started pouring all of my information out on the web so other could start this great hobby.

Sometime after I started the guides I figured out a fool proof method for creating heatshrinkless cables that were perfectly rainbowed and started selling them to those who did not want to or did not have the time to sleeve themselves. It created a storm of interest on the web and heatshrinkless sleeving started popping up everywhere.

During this time I continued to provide guides on my Youtube Channel, and even created a Frequently Asked Sleeving Questions Guide. I spent my time adding to the guides and adding product reviews and helping out sleeving stores with their products and even started product reviews themselves.

I had no idea how far my name and guides have spread and I started getting questions and orders for the LC Sleeving Tool world wide. This was a humbling honor as so many trusted the information that I provided and I took great diligence in studying up on my supplied that I would endorse.

Also during all of this I had the honor of making good friends with the owner of MDPC, a man names Nils. He pushed me to follow my dreams and to have a "no compromise" attitude about my guides and recommendations. That friendship did not end up on good terms once I started the LC Supply Store as I was in competition with his store, however I still respect and honor the man for what he did for the sleeving world and I suggest you check his store out if you haven't yet. This man is the one who brought sleeving on the radar and deserves all the respect that it entitles.

So here we are now after years of modding and finding the best products possible for sleeving I have decided to open up my own shop and slash down prices at my own profit margin so that more people can start into this awesome hobby we call sleeving.

Lutro0 Customs Mission statement has always been, " Providing trusted sleeving information through the teaching of the proper tools, knowledge and patience " While our vision has and always will be, "To put out all of the information needed so that new and old sleevers alike can easily obtain great supplies and save money."

So we have the Lutro0 Customs Sleeving Supply Shop. I have scoured the globe to find the perfect tools for each facet of sleeving, from custom sleeving, paracord, tools, connectors, and everything in between. Our stock will continue to grow and grow as more get into this hobby and the prices will continue to drop as I am allowed to obtain supplies at cheaper prices which I will pass on to you the customer.

If you have any questions you can get hold on me on my Facebook Page or use the Contact Page. Thanks for reading about us and I look forward to helping you with your sleeving endeavors.

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